LandCADD or Keyscape for Revit?

Planting Plan extract
An extract from a Revit planting plan created using the Areas tool (a bit of a hack…)

We learned recently that UK-based Keysoft Solutions has purchased LANDCADD from developer Eagle Point. LANDCADD is a landscape software package largely based around AutoCAD, but which also (until recently) had some limited Revit integration. We reached out to the new owners to ask about future Revit integration, and got a positive response. They responded by asking what we’d like to see in any future Revit version, so this post is our manifesto.

The TL;DR version is this:
Revit needs some Softscape tools, some Hardscape tools, and every Landscape designer needs a great Plants Database!

UPDATE, June 2016:

Keysoft have now merged Keyscape with LandCADD to become ‘Keyscape LandCADD’, but it’s AutoCAD only, and they have ‘no plans’ to bring it to Revit.

Check out CS Artisan RV instead, for a Revit-based landscape application.

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